Three Important Steps to Transform Your Speech from "Ho-hum" to "Wow!"
Whether you�re speaking to 5 or 5,000 people, preparation, presentation, and persuasion are the
key ingredients you need to include to make your speech effective. Your audience will judge
your presentation within 30 seconds�studies show that 55% of it is judged by your body
language; 38% by the quality of your voice; and 7% by the words you use. Below are some tips
to help you improve each of these three key aspects.  For More ...

Powerful Self-Talk:  Making What You Tell Yourself Matter for Your Life
Does this sound familiar? You say you'll do something. Perhaps it iss a personal goal or something
to significantly improve your professional life. You promise yourself to do it first chance you
get, but there's always something preventing you from actually following through. The dream
starts to become less and less of a reality�the special vacation you've always wanted to take, the
plan to expand your business, or your desire to spend more quality time with your spouse and
children. Time passes and still, no action. The guilt creeps up and you ask yourself, Why can't I
get it together? Why do I postpone when my objective weighs so heavy on my mind?   For More ... 

Need More Customers?  Make First Impressions Count
In today's challenging business climate, it is back to basics. An important part of your business
strategy should be acquiring and keeping new customers, and this depends on powerful,
positive first impressions in customer service. In the world of high-tech, you can e-mail, fax,
send, and buy with the click of a mouse. But when face-to-face with a real person, customer
service and information is what people want no matter what professional field you are in.
Whether you are selling a product or promoting a service, studies show that a client decides
whether or not to do business with you within the first two minutes of meeting you. A first
impression consists of body language, voice inflection, and the words you say. Here are some
methods for creating positive first impressions to grow your business.   For More ...

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