Donna Hartley

 Keynote Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Author, Plane Crash, Cancer, & Heart Survivor
 California / Nevada Based Inspirational Speaker

Donna Hartley

Inspirational Speaker

An Inspirational empowerment speaker
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Find Out if you are balanced in the
8 areas of your life!

Donna Hartley electrifies her audience. She will amaze you with her plane crash, cancer, and heart surgery survival stories, which all occurred on the date of a March 1st. (Wow, what life-altering lessons to be learned). Be motivated and inspired by this unique keynote presentation.
  • On March 1, 1978, she survived a fiery DC-10 plane crash which transformed her life in seconds and inspired her to testify and successfully alter airline safety regulations.
  • On March 1, 2002, she was diagnosed with stage III melanoma and today is cancer free. She is an active spokesperson for skin cancer awareness.
  • On March 1, 2006, she triumphed over unexpected open heart surgery to replace a faulty aortic valve. Today she is an advocate for women’s health programs.
Donna Hartley is a survivor! The message she delivers will have you looking at your life for years to follow. Fire Up Your Life! is a life-changing presentation. Faced with three threatening events she learned to be a survivor during challenging times. A master teacher entered her life and enlightens her with the tools to fulfill her dreams. She passes on this wisdom to her audience. There are nine strategies to apply to your life personally and professionally. Donna Hartley delivers this inspirational message with a twist of drama and humor. You will laugh, cry, and become energized to ignite your Firepower! That is what Fire Up Your Life! is all about. It is entertaining, memorable, and a high impact presentation.

What organizations are saying about Donna Hartley as a keynote speaker and a breakout seminar leader at their conferences. “Motivated!” “Great strategy for real life” “Entertaining” “Set the tone for the conference” “Best speaker” “Dynamic Presenter” “Connected to the audience” “Felt she was speaking to me” “Could have listened to her all day” “Humorous” “Great techniques for dealing with change” “She inspired me and gave me hope. I can do it!”

A former Miss Hawaii and television actress, she is the author of the books Fire Up Your Life!, Fire Up Your Intuition!, and Fire Up Your Healing!, a captivating series of the momentous events that shaped her life. Her compelling story has been featured on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in The New York Times. A sought after expert on surviving change, Donna is a member of the National Speakers Association and the owner of Hartley International. Her stories have been published in the Chicken Soup series and in the Chocolate for a Women’s Soul series. Read some excerpts from Chicken Soup.

Do you love yourself?
Do you have a good relationship with your family and friends?
Are you living your goals and dreams?
If you die today, have you left this planet a better place for being here?

If you answer '"no" to any one of these questions, then work with Donna to

 What Donna talks about:

#1 Most Requested Topic
Fire Up Your Life!

Ignite your leadership and survive change

#2 Most Requested Topic
Fire Up Your Heart!

Create a heart healthy lifestyle

Excellent as a breakout session add-on
Fire Up Your Speaking!

Master target communication with presentation, projection, and persuasion

Valuable breakout session or 3 hour training
Fire Up Your Attitude!

Transform your customer service and increase your bottom line (Great for government & casinos, hotels, hospitality industry & front-line employees)

Highly requested - highlights the "10-Step Perfect Plan"
Fire Up Your Healing!

Restore relationships and your health


Donna Hartley Live!
Fire Up
Your Life
Fire Up Your Speaking Open Heart Surgery- But I feel Fine! Fire Up Your Heart Fire Up Your Life!
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