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Praise for Fire Up Your Life!


“A fresh approach for becoming more of who you want to bePowerful

Leigh Taylor Young

Actress/Emmy Award Winner



Do you love yourself?

Do you have a good relationship with your family and friends?

Are you living your goals and dreams?

If you die today, have you left this planet a better place for being here?


If you answer “no” to any of these questions then Fire Up Your Life! is a must-read.

            Tighten your seat belt! You’re boarding a flight you will never forget. The stage is set with the compelling true-life story of Donna Hartley’s survival of flight 603. Trapped in the flaming inferno, she receives a mysterious message questioning her actions on earth. She wills herself to survive. With the help of her master-teacher George, the reluctant student Donna begins a journey of spiritual transformation. Her assignments are to fight for improved airline safety regulations, conquer her destructive relationships, and become a successful entrepreneur. Fire Up Your Life!proves one woman can walk through a fiery plane crash and deliver a message powerful enough to change your destiny. This book will inspire you with firepower to transform your life.




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