Fire Up Your Life - The Book and Workbook 
Fire Up Your Life -   The Book and Workbook

Praise for Fire Up Your Life!
A fresh approach for becoming more of who you want to be… Powerful…Leigh Taylor Young Actress/Emmy Award Winner

Do you love yourself?
Do you have a good relationship with your family and friends? Are you living your goals and dreams?
If you die today, have you left this planet a better place for being here?

If you answer no to any of these questions then Fire Up Your Life! is a must-read.

Tighten your seat belt! You’re boarding a flight you will never forget. The stage is set with the compelling true-life story of Donna Hartley’s survival of flight 603. Trapped in the flaming inferno, she receives a mysterious message questioning her actions on earth. She wills herself to survive. With the help of her master-teacher George, the reluctant student Donna begins a journey of spiritual transformation. Her assignments are to fight for improved airline safety regulations, conquer her destructive relationships, and become a successful entrepreneur. Fire Up Your Life! proves one woman can walk through a fiery plane crash and deliver a message powerful enough to change your destiny. This book will inspire you with firepower to transform your life.

Fire Up Your Life! Workbook: Highlights the power of mentors, manifesting your passion, how to face your fears, and how action will fulfill your goals. Learn how to develop and trust your intuition, create balance in 8 areas of your life, and manifest your dreams. Packed with lots of facts and steps so that you can create the outcome you want. This is a must-have 40-page workbook.

~Held spellbound by the story. Couldn’t put it down. --Jill C.
~I heard Donna speak and her presentation was amazing but after reading her book I was enthralled by the story. There was so much more to learn. --Bill P.

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