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DONNA HARTLEY is “an inspiration for our youth of today.” Having overcome the enormous obstacles of a childhood that involved alcoholism and violence, she channeled her energy to become a hopeful in the Winter Olympics only to have her dream stopped by a heart operation. Under the guidance of an incredible mentor, she earned a college scholarship selling pots and pans, and, after five pageants, became Miss Hawaii. She then went on to be an actress in Hollywood, overcame Bulimia and, later, survived a DC-10 plane crash. Today, she is a world-renowned author and speaker. Donna’s real-life stories and straight talk will awe and inspire today’s youth. Her time-tested strategies will help them to make intelligent and responsible life decisions.

   Topics for Students  

Ignite your personal power



onna Hartley has been an international, motivational speaker for the last twenty-four years.  Her talks have impact on your life with straight talk and vision, so you can get what you want.  She is a former snow ski racer, a dancer, an actress, a surfer and Miss Hawaii.  Her story has been featured on NBC, ABC, PBS, The Learning Channel, New Woman Magazine and the New York Times.  She is the owner of Hartley International, a member of National Speakers Association and the author of Fire Up Your Life! Donna had an incredible mentor who taught her how to develop her intuition, avoid peer pressure, strengthen her character and survive change. Her unique story is built around these three life changing events:

•  On March 1, 1978, Donna was the last survivor in her section of a Continental DC-10 plane crash, transforming her life.
•  On March 1, 2002, Donna was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma and beat it.
•  On March 1, 2006, Donna had heart surgery and now has a perfect aortic valve

  • The Power of Self-Talk
    Use self-talk when it comes to your leadership
    Use self-talk when it comes to your personal responsibility
  • Vision Board
    How a vision board gives you focus.
    The power of visualization
  • Goals and Dreams
    How to use the Law of Attraction
    How to use focus to get what you want
  • Attitude and Choices
    87% is attitude, 13% is skill
  • Character development
    Trust Your Intuition
    How to develop your intuition
    What is the power of your gut feelings

"She made me laugh, cry and think."


  • Learn the power of self-talk
  • Learn how a vision board gives you focus
  • Make your dreams become reality

  • Attitude can change the outcome

  • Keynote presentation
Ignite your speaking



our success depends on how you present your information – whether speaking to one or one thousand.  There is no greater skill to move you up the career ladder faster than knowing what to say and how to say it.  Learn how preparation, presentation and persuasion can expand your power.  Donna Hartley works with students all over the world giving them techniques to make powerful presentations that are fun, entertaining, organized and with a message.

  • Preliminary Speech Preparation
    Focus on your topic
  • Creative Presentation Writing
    Innovative methods of gathering information
  • Dynamic Delivery
    Body language, voice inflection and impact words
  • Powerful Opening Statements
    Four proven techniques to create instant rapport with your listeners
  • Clearly Projected Key Points
    Transitions, anecdotes, humor and a question and answer formula
  • Persuasive Call to Action Closings
    Five effective techniques to inspire your audience
  • Conquer your fears and your fellow students will listen
  • Interactive and entertaining learning format
  • Use powerful and emotional words to get results
  • Blend story telling with key points to create an impressive outcome
  • Be a strong communicator and have fun when you speak
  • Workshop
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Vision Board
"Moving Forward to Reach Success"
Video of Donna speaking to student audience of 5,000 at the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference:
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